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         Promoting, improving and protecting the health of communities we serve in Nigeria and beyond


“An excellent, self-sustaining Christ centered Medical service department”.

Mission Statement:

To improve health care through the provision of primary, secondary and tertiary health services, education, training and community outreaches to the glory of God and for the benefit of all mankind.


Serve as means for evangelism and to break fallow grounds: attract attention for the preaching of the gospel.

BATURE MAI MAGANI (The White Doctor)  18651948

  • Dr. Andrew Stirrett was a pharmacist, doctor, linguist and administrator. Born in Canada in 1865, he was a successful businessman.

At age of 37, God burdened Dr. Stirrett for those who had never heard the Gospel. So he sold his businesses and left for Africa, after studying tropical medicine in Liverpool.
He helped establish the first SIM Mission station at Patigi on the Niger River in 1902 alongside the Dispensary, which was one of the first medical institutions to be built by the Missionaries.

Dr. Stirrett compounded his own medicines and wrote an authoritative book on West African Diseases.

The Current ECWA President.

Dr Ken W. Tracy

He’s from New Zealand and trained as a Dentist from the University of Dunedin, New Zealand.
In 1963 he became SIM’s Medical Secretary for West Africa. The only full-time medical administrator in missions in Nigeria, he also worked on several medical advisory Committees.

Erwin Jephthah Cummins, Jr. was born in Minneapolis, MN on June 2, 1918.
After finishing medical school, he did his Masters in Anatomy.

He and Marge answered the call to serve in missions and on June 2, 1952 they arrived at Minna, Nigeria. He moved to Jos in 1959 as staff of Evangel Hospital and was instrumental in the starting of SIMMATS, the Medical Auxiliary Training school and was Principal of the school for 9 years.


Currently the medical department is made up of the following units:

  1. ECWA Hospital, situated in Egbe , Kogi State
  2. ECWA Eye Hospital, situated in Kano, Kano state
  3. ECWA Hospital, situated in Okegbala, Kwara state
  4. ECWA school of Nursing, situated in Egbe, Kogi state
  5. ECWA school of Midwifery, situated in Egbe Kogi state
  6. ECWA College of Health Technology, situated in Kagoro, Kaduna state
  7. ECWA Community Health Programme with its Headquarters located in Jos, Plateau State
  8. TEAM-CIHD, Community Integrated Health Development with its headquarters in Jos, Plateau State.

Early Medical Work in Nigeria

The pioneering SIM Missionaries started their simple medical work by focusing on the treatment of various diseases and physical ailments in their homes.

The medical ministry in ECWA began with the early missionaries. The sheer need for healthcare by both the natives and missionaries necessitated that missionaries were either trained or specifically recruited to meet this need. As the mission expanded, the medical ministry also expanded to meet the health needs of the new frontiers. The early design of the medical ministry was to be an outlet from the church to the communities. The church completely funded the ministry therefore services were offered free of charge.

With time the different health stations that were formed with the expansion were centralized for administration and policy formulation giving birth to the ECWA Medical Department. The department coordinates all medical services that include clinics, PHCs and Hospitals in ECWA. It had develop a common and strategic direction in view of the many challenging health problems facing humanity and hampering the total fulfillment of God’s purposes for now and eternity.

He was a small, gentle but determined man, whose passion was preaching in villages throughout Northern Nigeria. In 1914 he started a medical clinic in Jos, located where ECWA Good News Church Jos, Nigeria is today. A large rock at the nearby market in Jos was the “pulpit” where he preached daily.


ECWA Medical Department has had several Directors since its inception, both expatriates and nationals that were committed servants of the Lord, they include

Core Values

  1. God

That God remains supreme and is the maker of the heavens and the earth.

  1. Integrity

Honest and sincere attitude in the work place with the understanding that we are stewards of God given opportunities.

  1. Love and compassionate care

All services in EMD should be engineered and driven by love and rendered with utmost care.

  1. Hard work and productivity

Each one in the team plays their roles effectively and efficiently aiming at optimum level goal attainment.

  1. Accountability/responsibility

Tasks in EMD are taken having in mind that someone depends on the effort and we are answerable to.

  1. Sanctity of life

Life is sacred and should be treated as such and all human endeavours are geared towards sustaining it.

  1. Wholistic ministry

Services in EMD address the needs of the total man comprising of Spirit, soul, and body including care for the environment.

  1. Competence

High level of proficiency and professionalism must be seen in our work at all levels believing that our services are unto the Lord.

  1. Quality service

Excellence remains our standard practice.

  1. Team work/spirit

No one person does it alone, but together with each member of staff playing their roles.

  1. Human resource development

EMD believes that the human person is an important factor in service delivery and therefore should be supported and capacitated for higher productivity.


The Old Outlook of ECWA Eye Hospital Kano (1970)



In terms of infrastructure, training and subventions for poor patients, the hospital has over the years enjoyed contributions in partnership with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as Chistoffel Blinden Mission International (CBM). Seeing is Believing project sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank UK. Rotary Club Nasarawa Kano drilled two Boreholes in the Hospital to improve on regular water supply. Provision of VIP lounge at the OPD and installation of inverter system to provide constant light in the wards.


Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) was founded as Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) in 1893, now rechristened Serving In Missions (SIM), and was registered as ECWA in Nigeria in 1956. It had engaged in the healing ministry for over a century. The contribution of SIM medical work in Northern Nigeria was quite substantial and were the largest of all Christian missions. SIM was also the largest contributor towards leprosy work and the fight against eye diseases and blindness. The early medical activities of SIM were concentrated in the provinces of: Kano, Katsina, Bauchi, Niger, Zaria, Benue, Ilorin, Kabba and Plateau. The medical work of SIM played a significant role in the propagation of the gospel of Christ especially in the opening up of the Muslim emirates. Dispensaries (Primary health facilities) were the first institutions to be built by the mission. Some of these dispensaries began operation as far back as 1902 in Patigi, 1904 in Wushishi, 1908 in Egbe, 1909 in Paiko and Karu and 1910 in Kwoi (Turaki Y. 1993).

Empowerment activities of Widows and Orphans by TEAM-CIHD of ECWA.

Community participation in the Egbe Revitalization project.

One of our Rural Clinics

ECWA Eye Clinic Kano


ECWA Eye Hospital Kano -ECWA Eye Hospital Kano was founded in January 20, 1943. It started as a 25 bedded hospital with only one ophthalmologist. Over the years it has evolved to a 180 bed capacity Eye hospital with 3 Ophthalmologists, 2 Optometrists, 3 Ophthalmic nurses, 11 staff nurses, 26 Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW) and 75 support staff.

The hospital was accredited by the West African Postgraduate Medical College (WACS) for the training of Diploma in Ophthalmology. Training is also given to Residents and consultants from other University Teaching Hospitals within Nigeria. The Hospital provides yearly training on primary eye care and ophthalmic theatre courses to personnel from government and non-governmental eye care institutions across Nigeria. Other medical interventions includes; Cataract services, glaucoma services, medical retina, A/B Scan, spectacle/lens production, pediatric ophthalmology, community outreaches to rural areas within Kano and Jigawa States and many more. The hospital has evolved from the provision of basic service to that of highly specialized services. The hospital is second to none in sophistication and the provision of quality services in the entire Northern Nigeria. The hospital is well equipped through collaborations with several entities.

The New Look

Mr. Elias G. Mairabo.

He became the Medical Secretary
/Director in 1977 – 1984. He obtained Diploma in Public Admin from Kaduna Poly technic in 1968 and a Bachelor degree and PGD from University of Ife in 1976 and 1979 respectively.  He obtained a Masters in Administration (Msc) from UK in 1984 and attended several courses in health administration and management between 1979 and 1982 in UK and USA.

Randal Bailey was a New Zealander and a GP by training.
He served with SIM in Bimbereke, Benin from early 1980's till about 1993, then they moved to Nigeria.
He served as Director of Medical Services from 1995 to 1997.

Dr. Sanusi Gidado

He served as Director of medical services from 2008 to 2011.

Retina Examination Room


Dr Mikah Samuel

Present ECWA Medical Director

Mr. Graba Malo.

He is a Pharmacist, from Kukar-Gadu, Yobe State, Nigeria.
He served as Medical Secretary/Director in 1984 – 1986.

Dr. Abel Eigege

He served as Director of Medical Services from 1993 to 1994

Dr. Stephen Yohanna

He served as Director of Medical Services from 1997 – 2000.

Dr. David B. Lass

Born in Banganje, Gombe State, Nigeria He obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery degree (MBBS) from University Teaching Hospital Jos. He is a

OPD Attendance at ECWA Eye Hospital Kano, Nigeria

Dr. Phil J. Andrew.

Born Ryde, NSW (Australia), in 1951. 
He had his Primary and secondary school in Ryde, then medical school at Sydney University, NSW, graduating 1977. Residency and GP training in Launceston, Tasmania (Australia). 
Left for Nigeria 1979. Served till 1993. From 1982 coordinator of GP Training at Evangel Hospital. From 1982 Medical Consultant for ECHP. From 1988 – 1993 DMS. He was instrumental in the setting up of GP training as a strategic ministry, in-service training for CHEWs and the restructure of ECHP in the early 1990's was difficult but important.

Dr. Musa Dankyau was born in Gwandum, Nigeria. He had his primary education at Kaltungo Local Govt. Sabongari, Kaduna. Secondary education at Government Science secondary school Billiri, Gombe state. He obtained his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery degree (MBBS) from University Teaching Hospital Jos. He is a fellow of the West African College of Physicians. Associate Prof. Academic Dean at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital Jos.
He served as Director of Medical services from September 2000 to December 2007

Dr. Mrs. Shu’aibu A.R. Joy

Dr. Shu’aibu is a Consultant Family Physician and a senior Lecturer at the College of Medical Sciences Bingham University Teaching Hospital (One of the distinguished Mission Hospitals) in Nigeria that has been upgraded to a teaching hospital. Because of her wealth of experience, she combines her clinical practice, lecturing and administrative work alongside study/research


The hospital has enjoyed a long partnership with Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM) that has advanced the staff development through the internal learning programmes and use of resource persons and systems improvement.  This has developed the capacity of the hospital to implement high volume intervention programmes. Through the support of CBM, the hospital secured a three-year funding grant from the Standard Chartered Bank, UK under the Seeing is Believing Project to conduct 18,000 adult and 540 children cataract surgeries and to reach 1,384,000  with awareness messages during the project life. The project ended in June 2014, the hospital met the targets given and even exceeded it.

  • One of the doctors was sponsored for Retinal training in South Korea to set up a retinal unit in the hospital.

  • Aside carrying out general eye surgeries, the eye Doctors went on to specialize in areas of endeavours, which include: Paediatric ophthalmology and Glaucoma Surgery respectively.

  • The linkage programmes has enabled four of the Hospital staff attend specialized training in ophthalmology in the UK in 2012.

The Hospital has continued to strive under the Leadership of the current MD (Consultant Ophthalmologist) Dr. Mayor Atima and it is one of the self-sustaining Institutions of ECWA Medical Department over the years.

ECWA Eye Hospital.
1, Mission Road
Airport Road Kano.
Phone: +2347056203631

Website: ecwaeyehospital.com,   e-mail: ecwakano2011@yahoo.com

Main Theatre EEH Kano

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